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simply an amazing album and the most original one in ages. A must have!

Review by: BO!

big shit, really !!!!

Review by: dim666

omg, this album is so fucking great. it reminds me of dödheimsgard but without the excessive use of synth. awesome vocals. the music is shifting between agressive mangle and melodic parts. this is a well made album which is very well worth your money, as long as you don't have anything against experimental bm.

Review by: homo

Really strange album, but if you listen to it several times, you will be addicted!!! This really is not only one of the strangest albums I have heard, but it's also one of the Best!!!

Review by: epäjumala

Well, the first impression after listening this album is that this band has a lot of elements of Cradle of Filth. The voice is very similar, and some keyboards. It is the classical metal album of the new black metal trend ... keyboards, music full of detaisl (almost perfect) but boring. It is listenable, but not catchy. My rate 7/10.

Review by: Torquemada

I like this record because it is not your average black metal album. I don't even think this is black metal, it reminds me a bit of early moonspell.
What I like most about this album are mostly the fast paced songs and the acoustic ones, I don't really like the melodic parts, and that guy that sings like a priest or a monk or something gets on my nerves everytime I listen to Dornenreich.
Overall this is their best, the other records are also very listenable for a BM fan.


Review by: Hardboiled

My only complaint is the acoustic songs are mostly towards the end. After the first half of the album, the rest feels a little dull, but not too much.

Review by: fundamentalist1981

Wow! Dornenreigh changed music once again! This time it`s an avangard black and not an easy listen as the previous works were more acceptable.
As far as i know it`s dedicated to how a person got lost in the forest at night and what came out of it.This album is the heaviest.It `s packed with heavy riffage.Guitar sounds like a chainsaw
cutting through wood so it`s has a bit trashy sound.Besides Eviga uses a lot vibrato techniques and prolonged riffs.
Drum work is very heavy too,Moritz beats the hell out of his drum kit,but only occasionnally.His drumming here is very varied
and i would say even technical.Frequent percussion sounds only add to the overall heaviness.
Besides 5 electric guitar compositions there are 3 acoustic songs.2 of which sound like experiments.Sometimes they sound too mute then gain sound and mute again.All this is accompanied by cello and whisperings.
Cello and keaboards alternate between themselves-cello to create the atmosphere when synths mostly to support guitar.For example Song ¹3 features some strange jumping rhythm.
Eviga`s voice is more piercing not furious this time but more wailing and even crying.He also holds screeching notes to intensify the effect.
Well, I only hope that guy got out of the forest finally.To survive this terrible night was a real ordeal!!!

Review by: flowergatherer

Killer album. "Innerwille ist mein Docht" is magical, I love it.

Review by: IWK

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