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Just get it or die! No doubt this group is just different. Not agressive, not black metal but they show the beauty of the music with their songs.

Review by: Zagule

Too long and sometimes boring songs, too much presence of the keyboards, but pretty music after all with good melodies.

Review by: danchloe

So, this is a masterpiece of atmospheric metal, you can feel yourself walking among the snowy landscapes, you can feel the cold winds between the majestic woods... so Empyreal!!!! a very important release that will make you forget a lot of crap that is around an claim to be art and even worse... music.
This is a must-have.

Review by: xibalba

no doubt that it's a much great deal of album than "where at night".empyrium keeps on this album the same sad,doom line that made them so popular-ofcourse ,among the metalists
they express the pain,the suffering in a different way,with a lot of force,the songs are sad,but powerful in the same time,and from that point of view it's an admirable album
should i repeat that "ode to melancholy"and"lovers grief" are jewels?????"blue mists of the night,too..."


when u listen empyrium u will feel that u didnt love before whatever u r espacilly in lovers grief track when u listen it u will feel that all the sadness take off from ue heart and something strange inside u dont try to explain it coz u will not reach 2 any thing

Review by: myriads

At first, this didn't sound as an album I could like... "Where at night..." was more to my taste (and probably, still is). I couldn't imagine how heavy music could possibly fit well in with melancholy. But as I listen to this album more and more, it leaves a perfectly dark imprint in my heart! The enchanting music seems to transcend any limitations offered by the mind, and to reach as far as my dreams. This is a MASTERPIECE!!!

Review by: Iskander

Very depressive and equally adhesive; can't get it out of my head, no way! A real masterpiece. "Lover's Grief" is just a swell!

Review by: Iskander

I first got to know Empyrium in the Internet; I was browsing through information about Estatic Fear (my second favourite metal group after Empyrium), and somebody, when talking about the melancholic tradition in gothic/doom/folk metal, said that although the two Estatic Fear's albums ('Somnium Obmutum' and 'A Sombre Dance') were very melancholic, Empyrium's 'Songs of Moors and Misty Firelds' was not to be compared. So I started to search for info about Empyrium, and managed to download a few free samples from the mentioned album and from 'Weiland' (by Morpheus). Well, said I, I'll be damned! I was absolutely enchanted by the music - I had never before heard anything of the kind! Not just 'melancholy' - pure depression and out-and-out despair!

So then I quickly gathered all the info I could get, precisely, the info on the albums. Of all, I most wanted to get 'Songs of Moors...' which was assessed somewhat higher at different forums that all the rest of the albums (although with the appearance of 'Weiland' many opinions have changed and counterbalanced). While my order from Moscow consisting of Empyrium's 'Songs of Moors...' and 'Weiland', as well as Estatic Fear's 'A Sombre Dance' was on its way (I had eventually to wait for whole 40 days!!!), I accidentally came across Empyrium's third album in my city - 'Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays' - and bought it. After listening to it for more than 15 times, I came to the conclusion this one was one of the most beautiful and sad albums I've ever heard; this is still my most favourite album by Empyrium. (Oh, so melancholic, so desperate, so solemn, so dark, so damn beautiful!)

When my order arrived at last, I greedily listened to all the rest of the albums (I still don't have the very first album, 'A Wintersunset...'). I was especially keen on 'Songs of Moors...' which I had been looking for for so long. Well, when compared to 'Where at Night...', 'Songs of Moors...' was ar first a bit of frustration. I somehow thought that all Empyrium's music should more or less sound like their third album... 'Songs...' sounded rather too heavy and dense to be 'melancholic' - rather 'solemn'. But I appreciated 'Weiland' at once - it is large and heterogenous, thought-provoking and cleverly organised; it's certainly a masterpiece and once of the best albums in the world!

In spite of my initial frustration as to 'Songs of Moors and Misty Fields' (the title seems rather inappropriate, it doesn't suit the music well), as I listened to it more and more, I found it very interesting that this album should 'make' me listen to it, it is extremely mesmeric, in its literal sense. I can now listen to it 5 times a day, and it doesn't seem to be boring me, on the opposite, I am appreciating it higher and higher. 'Songs...' is by all means a talented composition. It is solid, inasmuch as it doesn't seem to break off, trail away or bang up again unpleasantly; it has an implicit 'red line' running throughout it: the sombre deep vocals, the heavy sad reefs, the well-fitting tempo, the piano insertions, the subtle modulations and overtones - all this makes this album look like a gothic novel rather than a bunch of songs; the compositions are few but long and accomplished. The album's total time is far less than 'Weiland's' but you don't notice it: the thing kind of engulfs you when to listen to it, and throws you ashore after it's finished to play... Very poetic and indeed very sad!

Well, what can I add here? Only that I much pity the disintegration of Empyrium; I haven't heard The Vision Bleak which is promoted at, but I'm sure there won't ever be a second group like that. Never.

Thank you for attention.

Review by: Iskander

This is the best melancholic album ever. The lyrics are one tale about the night,the moon,the stars and the love in our hearts. Best lyrics ever read. This is music you have to feel. So sad, i even wept a tear on moments. This is wonderfull. You can feel the grief,the pain.

Review by: kenzo

I bought this a couple of months ago...I actually bought this because of all these many positive reviews on this page and also on this album is totally overwhelming! It sounds a bit like In The Woods meets Moonspell or something, and their beautiful logo reminds me of that of, if you like the aforementioned bands, you'll definitely like this one too!

Rating: 9 / 10

Review by: metal4ever

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