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This album is different for the others. It's acoustic, atmospheric and the most beautiful instumental music i've ever heard. It is not for everyone, especially for the fucking trash and dead fans. it's just for people who like to dream when they listen to music.

Review by: Zagule

Yeah this albume is the best atmospheric albume I have ever listen its really killer if you like MUSIC find it...

Review by: carcharoth

hi...yes ! this is empyrium. the best dark and melancholic album i've ever heard in my life. their atmohspheres, chants, and hymns to the dark and ancient and mystic times...that seems no bands can play like this melancholic and dark masterpiece ! hail EMPYRIUM...we are waiting for your forthcoming album WEILAND !!!
rating: 10/10

Review by: demafire

this album is much too monoton and too bloody melancholic
for me to consider it a good one.i like dark metal,but empyrium on this crap album is too enoying...instruments are quite good,but still...beside,every single melody seems to be just like the next one,and that happens with all plays from this album..dissapointing..


Empyrium - Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields.

Melancholy still my desire... One of the titles of this beautiful album. For me this title represents the album. It is really melancholic, really emotional. Perfect balance between metal and folky passages. You can really feel the nature. Please wander through these misty fields. You will not be dissapointed!

Review by: Dennis666

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