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Solefald have always been on the fringe of the black metal scene. When it comes to the band, there are those that hate what they do, those who admire what they do and those who just don't understand it. I am probably halfway been the latter two groups. I'm intrigued and, at the same time, confused by the Solefald experience.

One thing is for sure - the minute you try to describe Solefald's music you have already pigeonholed it. So I'm not going to sit here and tell you what bands they sound like in hopes that you might check them out based on influence, or explain their sound to you. What I will tell you is that there is no concern for the unspoken laws that govern what is OK and not OK in black metal. This is the same approach taken by bands like Arcturus and Dodheimsgard. On "In Harmonia Universali," the lyrics are written / performed in four different languages (English, Norwegian, German and French). A saxaphone can be heard a few times throughout the disc as well as a male choir, Hammond organ and Steinway grand piano. There is a song called "Buy My Sperm." Interested yet?

If you're not already a fan, the only way you will ever enjoy Solefald is to throw out all you know about metal and its limitations. Solefald should appease your appetite for exploration. Close-minded metalheads need not apply.

Solefald owns!!

Review by: soleborgir

Bought this album origninal copy...hadn't listened to it before...Haven't heard it? well, go look at some of these guy's photo shoots... Queer huh? Same can be said for the music...
If you want to hear Solefald, then try "Linear Scaffold"

Review by: natte_skygge

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