The Mill

1. The Mill

Tall it stands
With twisting wings on high

Built on stones
From the olden mine

The winds forevermore
Will drive its wheel
Draw the circle
And make it squeal

The wheel keeps turning - merciless
We try and burn
We hope and break
The mill grinds on
We lose and earn
We give and take
The mill grinds on

By the water's spring
Stands the mill

Hope and loss
Have built its iron spine

In raging move
And in infinite line
It grinds away the sands of time

2. Unite

Air and wind diffuse
The sence of things in move

Sands distort
Grain by grain

None can stem the tide
Not one grain denied

In the air

Try to save just one last grain
And mix the water with the sand
With my bare hands formed into clay
The sands of time - a monument

Try to save just one last grain
And breathe new life into this site
I mix the water with the sand
And life and death unite

Stormclouds form
Air is torn

All I did in vain
Washed away by rain

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