Wurðiz (demo)

1. Völuspá

Solen svartnar...

2. The Second Grief of Hlín

The Yggdrasil shakes
The old tree moans
Fenrir breaks his chains
Fear strikes you all
From the realm of Hel
Released from his bonds
Garm howls loudly
The wolf will jump
The time has come
To meet our fate

What of the Ǽsir
What of the Alfar?
Jötunheim groans
The Ǽsir take counsel

Hymir rides from the east
and raises his shield
Jörmungand writhes
The serpent beats
The icecold waves
Loki brings us doom

A ship from the east
Muspell's men are coming
The monster's brood
Comes with the wolf
Surt travels from the south
with the burning flame
dead tread the road to Hel
The sky splits open

The second grief of Hlin
now comes about
When Wuotan fights the wolf
Before the falls
Widar comes to advance
against the wolf
He stabs his sword
Through the heart
His father is avenged

3. In Entrails Fortold

Harsh Winter, dry summer
Barren fields, arid rivers
Dead fatherland...

The sun reflects on the steel
of the sacrificial knife you'll feel
Now you will die for the glory of our gods
Now you will die for the future of our folk
You are tied down to the stone
The knife cuts to the bone
Streams of warm blood flow from your veins
The gods will show us another way

Hostile tribes, treacherous guides
Dense woods, swollen rivers
A new fatherland?

Your throat is cut over the bowl
The Norns decide over your soul
Now you will die for the glory of our gods
Now you will die for the future of our folk
Your entrails are ripped out of your body
The gods will lead on, by this sacrifice
Streams of warm blood flow from your veins
We're out to destroy Rome, whatever it takes

4. Rígsþula

5. Helreið Brynhildar

How many times have you
Wiped blood of heroes from your hands?
You brought death in our ranks
Picked many comrades from our side

Daughter of Budli
Born in catastrophe
Destroyer of Gjuki's sons
Breaker of the oath

In the land of Goths
You sent Gunnar down
You gave Agnar victory
And earned the wrath of Wuotan

Imprisoned in Skatalund
Surrounded by flames
Awaiting that hero
Bearer of Fafnir's gold

6. Magni ok Moði

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