1. Y driag goch 3:55
2. Woe to the defeated 5:51
3. Lords of bedlam 5:35
4. To kingdom come 5:33
5. The calm before the storm 5:03
6. Fire upon the blade 5:18
7. Conquest demise 6:32
8. Conspirator 7:23
total time 45:10

1. Y Draig Goch

From lands of the mountainous tundra
And the spirited elvinwood
Where the woodlands give in to the whims
Of the lively yet cynical wind

Taiga forests and boreal lights
In their splendor warriors reside
Bow in revenrence on sight
To the passing of wings and of might

Sleep with dragons
Theirs is the flame of flames
In starlit skies

Swooping shadows fo glorious red
Forging forth to the land of the sun
To the fields where the yearning is grown
And the seeds of the hopeful are sown

Jovial water and semblance of East
While the reapers bent down over fields
Bow in reverence of sight
To the advent of wings and of might

For minds that wonder
And eyes that roam
In fire find the hidden lair

Wings and might
In starlit skies

2. Woe To The Defeated

Silence robs the mob its doctrine
While fictitious laughter, grievous halls triumphant foe
Pointing fingers all acusing
Fading dust of ages into a night of stone

Whispers Solace, "vae victis"
Can you spare immortal tears?
Whispers Solace, "vae victis"
Its murmur echoed far and near

Ever watchful fire breathing
Its orphaned children drink from the empty wells of faith
In unknown lair awaits the ember
Y Draig Goch forceful spreads its golden wings

[Repeat Chorus]

[lead: Schirenc/Schirenc/Barrett]

[Repeat Chorus]

Can you spare immortal tears?
Its murmur echoed far and near

3. Lords Of Bedlam

Hordes of rings bear demons of despair
Hungry bellows brought by gales
Vigils of the night remember well
Fear-flung shadows of a lie

Herald of War
Exiled from light

Eagles of ruin
A flash of wings

Inching over moors like frenzied fiends
Caravans of doom fall in
Ravage rampant of massive footstep
A gripping dust chokes the sky

Scars of wilted wrath
Kiss the dying ground
Present, future, past

As darkness dies this hour before encorcelled eyes
Visions of fate await the rogue of savage lands
The rabid ritual rests on saber, sword and ruin
Renounced companions of morning stars at dawn

4. To Kingdom Come

Sentries of Fisterra wake
Gallant masses stir
Thy kingly spirit throned among the hills

A call to arms young hopefuls
Fields of burning toil
Beware of bleeding visions shattered

Fear not the thunder
Where the earth meets the sky
Slave to the irons
Thy kingdom shall come

Wake from dreams to unfolding demons
Break the spell binding with chains
Rage against the old tradition
Heed the voice singing courage in the storm

Arise in mass from peaceful slumber
Providence draws near
Craven tyrants cringe before our wrath

Sentries of Fisterra wake
Gallant masses stir
Thy kingly spirit throned among the hills

[Repeat Chorus]

5. The Calm Before The Storm

No cypress shades the grave
But gentle violets weep with dew
Weave on war-torn bones
Buried nameless in eternal sands

Sound no trumpet of mourn
Forget not the wandering soul
One with this brazen earth
With vilest of worms to dwell

No sunshine reverent
But stoic storm clouds soak scarlet ground
Wash the bloodstained face
Vanished nameless in eternal sands

[Repeat Chorus]

Losten closely
Dreadful and grand
The hush of the null and void
Slave to fate kings and desperate men

Await the splendor
Dreadful and grand
Lingering shadows undead
Slave to fate, kings and desperate men

Forget not wandering souls
With vilest of worms to dwell

6. Fire Upon The Blade

Fire upon the blade, sabers drawn
Legions daringly soar over moors
Well-turned horns, dust of stars at their feet
Unafraid brothers of empire's fight

Scent of smoke in the anguished surrounds
The hours that weave incantations
Escaped from the cauldron's mystical rim
Lost in the loom of the night of nights

The clashing of arms
Blood resting on leaf and on thorn
Farewell to the radiant dawn

Dust of stars, well-tuned horns
Fire upon the blade

Fire upon the blade

7. Conquest Demise

Fearless fury battered and torn
Hoist thy head to the turbulent clouds in the sky
Where banshees play with solemn chord
Ballads to beckon the end
But through the mist blinding the ward
Thy sword wild to the winds of wretchedness signs
Thy heart beats in thy broken soul
The rage that haunts in the night

Bright-eyed raven
Hast thou taken flight?
Bright-eyed raven, Morrigan
Dwell no longer on this cold, cursed ground
No longer on this cursed ground

Corpses strewed by lonely hour
Scattered kinsmen in arms crawl to wage one last stand
To look the nemesis in the eye
Banish the beast back to hell
In battlefields of bleeding earth
E're the ashen thieves stalking each somber bend
The dragon doused with poisonous war
Recoils before the dying star

[Repeat Chorus]

Promises of glory
Thy warriors betrayed
Bludgeoned under sable wings
Yet best to die in struggle and strife
Then live in endless shade

Fearless fury battered and torn
Hoist thy head to the turbulent clouds in the sky
Where banshees play with solemn chord
Ballads to beckon the end

8. Conspirator

Condemned to walk the earth alone
First a shadow then a sorrow
The bitter solace friend and foe
Baneful tongues and solemn lore

Strokes of death to guide the summons
Smoke in wreaths above beguiling
Brewing creeping indescence
Bursting lights and fearless thunder

Forgotten slain
Lords of Bedlam

The web of wickedness devours
All that's hallowed woe will follow
Amidst the cry and lamentation
With crooked hands contrives the charm

Hence rivers of brume beckon the ancients
A troop of echoes forges forward
Mouths wide open like ghastly sores
Curse the matron, damn the whore

...and the tempest rose
with the North wind
as the banshee wailed
Spewing her venom condemned

...and torrents roared
engulfed in flames
as the banshee wailed
Prophetic of Death's approach

[Repeat Chorus]

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Line up

Martin Schirenc - vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards
Mike Groeger - drums and percussion
Elena Schirenc - vocals



Recorded and mixed by Martin Schirenc at Vato Loco Studio / Vienna, March 2001
Mastered by Akeem Koehler at Indiscreet Audio / Winterbach
Cover concept and layout by Martin Schirenc
Band photo by Klaus Pichler
Music by Martin Schirenc
Lyrics by Elena Schirenc

Contact: Hollenthon, Mailbox 221, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 99-101, A-1030 Vienna, Austria
(For reply include IRC of 1 US$)
Official website:
Email: 666@hollenthon.com


Aaah it's nice to hear something original agin in this time where everything in metal has been done a million times before. Hollenthon is of course the band led by Pungent Stench's frontman Martin Schirenc, and in this band the death metal is much more melodic and slower and filled with choirs, keyboards and other instruments. It reminds maybe of Therion's "Theli" but still a bit more death metal oriented. I think this album is as good as the previous album in terms of originality but that with its better songwriting and production it's one of the best albums of this year!

Rating: 8 out of 10

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